PERFORM-a-TEXT: Becky Cremin writing about and around text performed and performing.

The definition of performance is ‘the action or process of performing’. Performance is an object in a state of being; it involves interaction, it involves the exchange of energy. My explorations aim to deal with examining poetic performance as a plural event which is under constant construction in:



Examing and Experiencing Eleanor Antin

Examing Eleanor Antin's essay WOMEN WITHOUT PATHOS.
Experiencing Eleanor Antin's PORTRAITS OF EIGHT NEW YORK WOMEN

a response to "Women Withour Pathos":

she. agree over and with
she. for for us this focussing
she. striking with. an authority
she. pose position. positioning she.
she. as she a matter. positioned subject
she. us a la fem. she matter subjectively
she. to con si dher. a her

her. contained. she argue her
her. of a part. of she glamour
her. mirrored she. ehs
her. woman to mirror
her. this as of subject. A she
her. the victim. the passive. the under
her. the as she. her the as fem

fem. leaved becomen and lest
fem. negatived her she leaves. host
fem. fled womyn. fled her host. she
fem. live off. she of. her of to live
fem. non natured romantic. she walk
fem. her site. away guard. she her away
fem. away guarded novel. un her lock she

she. fem pathos. she helplessness. non
she. less same as night. her fem she a
she. flood. the over of a her. fem in
she. her lessness. this fem terrant as
she. terra guistic. her sculpted fem. non
she. measured and her between. sculpther
she. object as fem sculpt. her fract

her. as thos and fem. she gaze
her. rend her ing. fore she portrait
her. she portraits. her portrayed. fem portraying.
her. act shine. she chromeatic from fem hard
her. monetary is she. fem surge. sculpt her
her. vast fem vast she. detach. as object
her. in a she as portray. her she of body fem.

fem. site in fem through she as her body
fem. she. femumable. her. devour and
fem. she. her out. fem lay. she distance as her
fem. her through fem out as she. to
fem. pose her. as she formed. this
fem. she for present in her. fem as she
fem. is she. in her. in fem. is fem.

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  1. lips tingle after reading





    the backbone

    the slipper slip of

    most of all the sound
    most of all the

    something so different and

    everyone should read this every day